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So, UBCon this year was a hell of a lot of fun.

Thursday, ramius_rathorne flew in for the con. Apparently, he had a much better time with the car rental this year (no SUV!). He got to our house after dinner, and we spent most of that time catching up on what had happened to both sides respectively over the past year. lostsatyr went to bed while ramius_rathorne and I stayed up chitchatting and went to bed far too late.

lostsatyr had off on Friday, so he made everyone waffles for breakfast. Yum! Then lostsatyr went shopping while ramius_rathorne and I talked some more (gee, do we see a pattern developing here?). By the time lostsatyr got home, it was time to have dinner, so we all headed off to Pizzeria Uno, and then to UB. Picked up our GM packets, schmoozed with some people we haven't seen in a while, and then lostsatyr and I went to set up for our Dark Ages: Fae event. When we got there, we discovered eberg was running World of Darkness 2.0 down the hall, so we had a lot of fun catching up on some things before the games began.

The DA: Fae game was a blast. The players came up with some truly inspired things (gotta love fascinating the grunt antagonists, plying them with alcohol and sweet talk, then putting them to sleep and leaving them), and I was even able to introduce a WW/UBCon neophyte to the system in the event - without him getting lost (or at least, too lost). I also got a complimentary UBCon 2005 T-shirt for having been a GM, so that was an extra bonus (which I made sure to tell the UB SaRPA officers who asked about how I was enjoying the con to keep for successive years).

I had made a pan of Igor Bars for the convention (and many thanks to ramius_rathorne for cutting them!); the players were game enough to try them. I think they were mostly well-received, though next time I will follow ramius_rathorne's advice about not placing them in the fridge before they have completely cooled. We still had most of the pan left at the end of the event, though.

On Saturday, lostsatyr slept in while ramius_rathorne and I went in for the morning session, where I played Chez Geek. Despite a mix-up in the room assignment, once I found out where it was actually being held, it was a great deal of fun. We had a good group of players and we really got into the spirit of things ("Oh, you want to Sleep so you can get Slack? Well, I play Moron with a Chainsaw on you!" :-). A very invigorating way to start the day. lostsatyr showed up during the Chez Geek game and we had lunch, then went to a panel on creating boardgames run by James Ernest, President of Cheapass Games.

After the panel, we met back up with ramius_rathorne and adjourned to Fuddruckers for dinner. Ostrich Burger, yum! Then it was back to UB to run our Unisystem game. The players spent over a quarter of the allotted time in futile escape attempts from the slavers who had captured them (you'd think that when they fail about three times in a row, they'd get the hint to wait for an opportune time, but noooo....), necessitating scrapping large portions of the projected plot. Ah, GM grace under pressure. Oh, well, c'est la vie.

On Sunday morning, lostsatyr and I played in ramius_rathorne's Pimp: The Backhanding game. Yes, I played. Yes, I enjoyed it. Not to mention that I won the first round! I am the Madam of the Century! (to quote ramius_rathorne) XD

(I may have been "The Madam of the Century," but lostsatyr won the "That's just wrong!" prize by playing the "Porno Film with a Donkey" card on (K)Andy (the cross-dressing male ho) - who'd just happened to be Macked by Bloody Mary, the lesbian pimp. *snickers*)

Sunday afternoon saw Yours Truly winning the Anime Trivia contest - go me! After that, we hung out in the Dealer's Room with akadriver and her hubby until the con staff kicked us out, at which time we went back to the house. lostsatyr was feeling tired, so ramius_rathorne and I went off to Denny's for dinner and reflections on the con.

(As to the fate of the Igor Bars - on Sunday afternoon, I passed out the leftovers to folks in the Dealer's Room, and managed to unload all of them. Yay!)


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Apr. 19th, 2005 08:18 pm (UTC)
i have the strangest feeling that freida would not get into that ne ww game... ;)

sorry about no caps. waiting for my nails to dry.
Apr. 21st, 2005 01:52 pm (UTC)
Thank you for being a great hostess. The Aerobed does make the futon more comfortable (I swear that it didn't cause my back spasm!).

Sorry about initiating the one hour waste of time. I didn't think everyone else would miss the concept of "We can't touch them and they can electrocute us" as much as they did. At least I made up for it by becoming "Exploding 10s" boy!

Thanks for helping to make my P:tB game a success. I'm still scrubbing the images from my brain with Brillo.

As for the Igor bars... *twitch* *twitch* ...Cthuhlu in the sky with diamonds... *twitch* *twitch* (IOW, they were good, if hard to cut and eat. Let the bars cool to room temperature in a cat-free environment. It might make them a little softer)
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