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Back from Toronto Trek 17

I recently returned from Toronto Trek 17, a media con held in Toronto, Ontario. Despite the title, TT is more than just Star Trek. It's also Buffy, Farscape, Babylon 5, and a host of other sci-fi/fantasy shows.

I had a chance to see Anthony Stewart Head (Giles of BtVS fame), and will say here that he's a really funny, laid-back, earthy kind of guy -- definitely nowhere near as strait-laced as Giles, which meant he was a lot of fun to hear. Lovely singing voice, too. :-) And he autographed my copy of the Buffy RPG! Whee! Happy happy, joy joy!

I also attended (and was on) a number of panels. I'm a bit miffed at having been passed over for the moderator position on a GMing panel (that I suggested in the first place) for a person with one-fifth my GMing experience, but hey, that's life. Though next year I'm going to make sure the Programming Team knows that I definitely want to moderate a particular panel I suggest. And then there was the mixup with my fanfic panel being placed in the 12 AM slot on Sunday, but that was a misunderstanding and the head of Fanfic Programming apologized, so that's cool.

The Superheroes on the Small Screen and Birds of Prey panels I was on were a blast! The mod for the Superheroes... one was very knowledgeable about the subject, and is a really swell guy to boot. And he's a Huntress fan, too, so thumbs up there!

Speaking of the Huntress, I got to show off my knowledge of her comic book incarnation at the Birds of Prey panel; looks like all those years spent reading DC comics back in elementary school were actually worth something after all. :-) That panel was also great fun; the moderator for it deserves some kudos.

The moderator of the one Farscape panel I was on deserves some major kudos for having defused a potential geo-political argument between one of the audience members and a panelist.

I was kind of disappointed in some of my fellow audience members at the "Buffy: The Memorial" panel -- some people just take their TV shows way too seriously. If you didn't like the series finale, OK, but don't go on ad nauseum about it (OK, so I actually liked the series finale -- it's like Head said while he was on stage -- the series has been empowering women for seven years; now, that power belongs to every woman in the world, not just "one girl in every generation.").

Didn't really get a chance to go to the filksings this year due to the way my panels were scheduled, but I picked up a large pile of filk CDs. I was also tempted by a set of Jim Butcher's Storm Front being performed by James Marsters (Spike of BtVS fame); eslin, the dealers were quite impressed when I pointed to your name in the dedication inside the paperback of Storm Front and said, "Hey, I know her -- and she knows Jim Butcher." :-)

All in all, a fun con. More detailed play-by-play to come later, perhaps...depends on what's going on.


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