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My IC Journals

This list of my character journals used to be on my User Info page, but I moved it here when it started getting long. A number of these journals are no longer being updated, but they still might make entertaining reading, if I do say so myself. =)

(Last updated: December 9, 2014)

watchersjournal: Claudia Wyndam, Watcher (Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG)
slayer_kimi: Kimiko Yamada, high school student and Vampire Slayer (Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG)2
mickey_chan: Michiko Hayase, mortal World of Darkness character
keighvyn: Sir Keighvyn ap Scathach, sidhe knight (Changeling: The Dreaming)
valerie_ryan: Valerie Ryan, student at San Francisco State University and wanderer in the worlds of Faerie (Deliria)
ravenschild: Sonja Ravenscroft, supernatural investigator, medium and magician (CJ Carella's WitchCraft)
rusalkavaleska: Valeska, rusalka and Autumn Court Inanimae (Dark Ages: Fae)
ladyvalla: Valla ni Scathach, Scathach sidhe sorceress (Changeling: The Dreaming)2
velyssa: Ledaal Catala Velyssa, Anathaema Hunter (Exalted)
unicornknight: Aidan mac Ciara, Lord of the Hunt and Autumn Court changeling (Dark Ages: Fae)
gothikfury: Sonja "Nightstalker" Kerrigan, undergraduate at Georgetown University and Black Fury Ragabash (Werewolf: the Apocalypse)
eshu_reichan: Hino Rei, Eshu high school student (Changeling: The Dreaming)
dame_dru: Dame Drusilla ni Scathach, sidhe knight-errant and high school English teacher (Changeling: The Dreaming)2
sir_aidan: Sir Aidan ap Scathach, sidhe knight and police officer (Changeling: The Dreaming). For another version of this character, see knight_in_blue.
satyr_ariadne: Ariadne, satyr healer and registered nurse (Changeling: The Dreaming). For another version of this character, see healershands.
satyrdoc: Iason, satyr physician (Changeling: The Dreaming)
kinainredhead: Kathleen O'Shea, high school student and sidhe kinain (Changeling: The Dreaming).
chasesthetruth: Sonja "Chases-the-Truth" Ravenwood, feminist journalist and Black Fury Moon Dancer (Werewolf: The Apocalypse; added October 9, 2005)
fullmoonhakken: Kenji "Rends-the-Darkness" Inukawa, martial arts instructor and Full Moon of the Hakken (Werewolf: The Apocalypse; journal created December 29, 2005)
bridesdaughter: Ginevra "Jenny" O'Donnal, Verbena healer (Mage: The Ascension; journal created February 22, 2006)
yujimbo: Valerynai "Aeryn" Tenjou, courtesan of the House of Scarlet Wisterias (Spacefarers & Prairie Folk; journal added March 9, 2008)
sentai_scion: Natsuki Okuzaki, Scion of Hachiman (Scion; journal created March 9, 2008)
d20jadephoenix: Jade Phoenix, superheroine (Mutants & Masterminds; journal created June 4, 2008)
shinobi_scion: Michiko "Mickey" Sterling, Scion of Tsuki-Yomi (Scion; journal created May 3, 2009)
da_kelsie: Kelsie of Gwaeren, City Elf rogue (Dragon Age tabletop RPG; journal created May 27, 2010)
legacy_warden: Ciara Ravenscroft, Wizard and Warden of the White Council (Dresden Files RPG; journal created March 14, 2011)
toku_scion: Yuuki Murakami, Scion of Hachiman (Scion; journal added May 14, 2012)
lily_chesapeake: Lily Chesapeake (and sisters), Neobedouin ship's surgeon of the airship Crimson Lady (Abney Park's Airship Pirates; journal added October 7, 2012)
dame_aoife: Aoife Goldhawk, Dalish Elf rogue (Dragon Age tabletop RPG; journal added December 9, 2014)

NPC IC Journals:

For rowan_academy: amphytrion, dame_ria2 , gunnhilde1, illyrie, katarinaliam, miko_aya, satyrgalatea, scathachtwins, sir_darian

For my & lostsatyr's first CJ Carella's WitchCraft game: derek_shaw, thesilverwheel, threefoldreturn1

For emeraldshadows and emerald_facets: basher_joe, dragon_tokiko, hakken_sempai, ikki_niisan, kanto_tengu, edgeofthelabrys, 10000thunders, fang_of_night2

For Scarlet & Shadow: fionaboy, julien_m, miladydru2 , scathachgal

For 4life_n_liberty: vallaria, tora_no_ikki, torahanayome, sakuramiko, kagami_no_kage, dariusapeiluned, satyrgothboi, eshu_kimi, growing_up_skya

For my & lostsatyr's second CJ Carella's WitchCraft game: knightoswords1, queenoblades, thehealinghand1, hocuspocus123, nisei_tiger, mikosama_aya, miko_reichan2

For 3_old_oaks: fianna_cop, the_ryan_twins, oakville_pa, traitorsbane, o_kokoro, 3_oaks_npcs, ciaras_songs, ookami_emi

For various games: tgm_npcs

1 Now being used for another NPC
2 Journal deleted by Livejournal


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