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Tabletop game growing

So I have two new players, and two "maybes" for Scarlet and Shadow. Looks like things are looking up.

My newest PC is an Eiluned sidhe private investigator. OK, so it may be a little superfluous with Caroline's Liam P.I. already in the group, but hey, I guess I can just say, "No more P.I. characters, please; I already have two." So if you're looking to join my tabletop game, consider that a warning. ;-)

I'm thinking I may have some fun spreading more Scathach conspiracy rumours to my PCs; things are getting way too fun not to. It's almost like having Sir Ulrich (from my previous CtD game) around. Which reminds me; must remember to ask Doug if he's like to play a kithain again. ;-)

The player of the Eiluned seems to have mixed up the Brits and the French ("The French are expert marksmen, 'cause they have the fox hunts..." And here I thought 'twas the British...;-), but that's OK. It'll be interesting to see what happens when she discovers she can't take that gun too many places, though (ah, the paranoia of the post-9/11 world; I <3 it...) *insert fiendish GM laughter here*....

A sidhe with the last name "Le Fay." *snickers* If that isn't one of the more hackneyed tropes I've had a player pull...

*sound of my conscience slapping me upside the head* Be nice, Ms. GM! ;-)

*pause while the GM squelches any more snarky comments*

Well, things should be interesting, at least. If I can get the two LARPers to stop talking about Butt -- er, BuffLARP ;-) -- and burning gaming time, it may even turn out to be fun.

Off to have breakfast....


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