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More PBEM woes

OK, so apparently the player of the Eiluned sidhe shares her character's orientation and may have a problem with me and the SO playing a pair of (male) characters in a M/M relationship.

All I have to say is, if this is true, she's probably have a major aneurysm if she played in any of my games (remembering the numerous cross-gender and cross-orientation characters I've seen in the past -- no offense intended to any of the players...;-)

And then there's the comments made about the SO's satyr character being "obsessed" with my sidhe one. Um, hello? Anyone who's read the description of the kith in the main rulebook should be able to figure out that satyrs get obsessed -- it's that "passion" thing. Of course, you'll probably never convince the GM of that, though I'm sure the SO will give it a very good try.

What was it Aesop said about "please all, and you please none?" I think it's really true in this case. Right now the bad is outweighing the good for me in this game, and I'd just like to cut my ties before I get really bitter and start fantasizing about killing the Eiluned character in slow, painful, horrible ways again (I'm far too vindictive for my own good, I think. But dammit, it helps sometimes. Catharsis can be good -- and it's better than smashing things or screeching at the SO like a harpy...;-).

*Thinking about flaying the character alive with a very dull knife. Or maybe a spoon...*

Devil-Tiger, me? Nahh...;-)Though I do sometimes enjoy fantasies about inflicting pain on those that I think deserve it...and right now, I really think she deserves it.

Off to get something to eat....


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