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The Infamous XP survey

If anyone wants to see the actual survey that touched off the current blowup in the one PBEM lostsatyr and I are in, I've placed it below:



I'll be handing XPs out now. Please answer the questions below and
send them to me off list (include your PCs name in the subject line).
I'll reply to your answers with your newest gained XP (for the last
Chapter, Chapter 4 XP for things like Christmas town and what is
coming up will be handled later).

1. What is your PCs current goal, beyond saving the Holiday Towns?

2. What sort of rewards does your PC enjoy the most? Monetary, reputation,
magical, IC advantages?

3. What scene have you most enjoyed playing in during the game so far?

4. What scene without your PC present have you most enjoyed
watching/reading so far?

5. Who is your favorite NPC to date? Least favorite?

6. Which regions (Herbium Castellum, Saint Mary, Halloweentown,
Drache's Cave, ect) have you most enjoyed adventuring in?

7. What is your biggest complaint about the game?

8. Why do you still play?:)

9. Please describe how your PC views each of the other PCs, and how
you as a player view them. [these will be compiled and forwarded to
the various players (with identifiers removed so comments cannot be
traced to originators). So be considerate, don't write anything you
wouldn't say to a fellow gamer over pizza at a convention. Be
friendly, constructive criticism only!]

10. Finally, additional comments?:)

Please get these back to me within this turn. Thanks in advance!!"


Personally, I think asking people to comment on the other PCs and then sending the responses to the players in question is a big-time no-no, especially since this is PBEM and you can recognize people's writing styles, even if the names are deleted, but hey...

I also had the GM respond that he was upset that it looked like lostsatyr wasn't having any fun, that he didn't have anything positive to say about the game. Excuse me, Mr. GM, but when you ask questions like "What is your biggest complaint about the game?" of course you're going to get negative comments.

Bottom line -- NEVER ask questions you'd rather not have answered, and NEVER ask players to tell you what they think of the other characters in a game. If you must ask, for goodness' sake, keep the answers confidential!


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