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PBEM woes (warning: rant)

How come I always have to be the understanding one?

A bit of background -- I'm in a Play-by-E-mail game that seems to be frustrating me more often than not (for a variety of reasons that have been brewing for over two years, and which the GM is apparently too blind to see, and are too damn complicated to go into here).

The GM recently complained about the lack of teamwork among the group. My SO and I informed him of our feelings on the matter (essentially, that there can't be any cohesive teamwork without major coercion due to IC and OOC differences).

Now I get a message from the GM that says, essentially, "Well, you and [your SO] coordinate so well, you could get the rest to act as a team. Please try it for me." Arrgghh!

To top things off, the private e-mail exchange between my character and another (not my SO's) that I agonized over the wording of for days (days, mind you!), now did not happen. "But feel free to insert it in later..." Augh! This is not the first time this has been pulled, and I find myself resenting it -- I can't help it.

I find myself feeling disgusted, upset, and generally pissed off about this game more often than not. And just when I think I'm getting somewhere with it, something happens that makes me frustrated again.


I'm tired of always being the understanding one, the one to wave the olive branch, the one who has to make sacrifices for the good of the group. Just once, I'd like to be the stubborn one....
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