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Toronto Trek 20 through the eyes of The Gamemistress!

lostsatyr and I left on Friday morning to pick up ambrose_rinaldo, and then it was off to Etobicoke. No problems crossing the border, and we stopped at the Subway at Prudhomme's Landing for lunch. Good, but I missed the pepperjack cheese one can find here in Buffalo.

We arrived at the hotel around 3 PM and checked in, got our con badges, and bummed around in the hotel room until the con officially started that evening. Whilst doing this, we found out that there was no wired Internet access (which meant I couldn't use my laptop) and that the wireless access sucked donkey schlong. So, no Net access all weekend. Poop.

Things brightened up considerably when the con started at 6. I went down to the dealers' room to get myself a TT Anniversary lanyard, and browsed around until it was time to go to some panels I was interested in.

It would probably be impossible to remember exactly what went on at all the panels I went to during the con, so I won't even try. :) There were a couple of Harry Potter ones that I went to, including a Harry Potter birthday celebration where we played a number of fun games, including "Wrap the Mummy" and "Mad-Eye Moody's Eyeball Toss." I also went to a number of Firefly panels.

Saturday, lostsatyr and I were up bright and early to catch Jewel Staite on the main stage at 9 AM. She was very funny to listen to; I only wish we'd been closer to the stage so I could have gotten some better pics of her.

I got my copy of Serenity autographed by Jewel Staite, and got ramius_rathorne and willowriversong their items autographed, too. Thanks to ambrose_rinaldo for being such a good sport and helping me carry those items through the line so I didn't get sent back to the end! I also took some time later in the day to get Amber Benson and Adam Busch's autographs on my copy of The Magic Box for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG.

I like TT's new autograph policy. Yes, you have to pay for autographs, but the line moves much more quickly and smoothly. I was able to get through it in like, 45 minutes, rather than the 2 hours or so that one had to endure in the days of "One free autograph per guest." My feet thank them!

Saturday night, we all watched the Masquerade (a TT tradition), and though I was a little saddened by the paucity of entries, I still had fun. There were a number of cute skits; I think bonusparts would have liked "Abe Sapien Reads Dr. Seuss" ("One fish. Two fish. Red fish [with Hellboy's face]. Blue fish." [Abe walks out.]).

On Sunday, lostsatyr and I saw George Takei on stage. If anyone ever sees him at a con, make sure to ask him to tell the "Manchester Story." Trust me, it's worth it. While he was on stage, I got to ask him about doing voice-over work, and found out he's done a lot more of it than I thought he has. Like, I didn't know that he did radio announcements - wow!

I also got Takei's autograph for myself and for bonusparts, and was pleasantly surprised to hear him say that he has a relative with the same first name as me - wow! :)

We wrapped up the con by seeing Michael Shanks and Lexa Doig on stage. They were very, very funny. :)

I picked up a number of things in the dealers' room - a T-shirt, the aforementioned lanyard, and some nifty custom buttons. I also got some Firefly and Farscape swag. (Gee, can we tell which shows thegamemistress likes? :)

All in all, a very fun con. Needless to say, lostsatyr and I will probably be going back next year - it seems to be a tradition with us. :)
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