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I'm coming to the conclusion that there are a couple different kinds of people who play in RPGs. Some of them do it because they like it. These are usually the ones who *try* to make it on a regular basis and put some effort into playing their characters.

Another type of person I seem to get is the one who apparently has nothing better to do, so they come to a game. These are generally the ones who seem to put less effort into playing their characters, and tend to come up with character concepts like "Theurge Mystic" for Werewolf, or "Secretive Eiluned magician" for Changeling. If I were running Dungeons and Dragons, I think they'd probably be playing elf archers or dwarf miners. ;)

There are the people who play angsty, moody loner characters -- you can't pry their PCs out of their rooms with a crowbar, they only speak maybe two words to the other characters all session, and remain absorbed in their own little worlds. Any attempt to get them to interact with the other PCs always seems to fail for some reason or other, at least in my experience.

There are the folks who have to be the center of attention, or they're just not happy. (I had one of these in my very first Vampire group. She was fine as long as the plot revolved around her and she got what she wanted, but heaven help you if you concentrated on another player character for a session....)

There are the people who come to a game because their friend or SO is playing. If they're actually interested in the game, they can be great, but if they're just along for the ride, it may not work out too well. Or maybe I've just had some bad experiences....

I guess that the point of these disjointed ramblings is that there are a lot of different reasons people play RPGs. Some of them are worth keeping, and, well, some are not. One just has to play with them to decide, I suppose.

Or maybe these are just the meandering thoughts of someone who hasn't had breakfast yet... :-)


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Sep. 16th, 2003 12:34 pm (UTC)
After 12 years of gaming I agree totally with types of gamers assesment. We have a guy that occasionally shows up, plays a loudmouthed tank, and usually screws up whatever we had going on and we have to clean up the mess he creates in the city we are in.

But there is always one.
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