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Back from ICon 26!

lostsatyr and I are back from ICon 26!

I had a marvelous time - I got to see ramius_rathorne and willowriversong, as well as Vic Mignogna, Caitlin Glass, Robin D. Laws, and Jim Butcher. I went to a number of very cool panels about everything from gamemastering to comics, and came home with a bunch of nifty things from the dealers room.

I got some pretty new dice from the Chessex table, including an ICon 26 commerative 6-sider; some cool T-shirts; all three Naruto Original Soundtrack CDs; a Phoenix Ikki SD plushie (he's so CUTE!); some nifty buttons (including a custom "Larsa for Emperor" one); the My HIME original soundtrack; and a Saint Seiya DVD (which I later had autographed by Mr. Mignogna). Thanks also go to lostsatyr, who was kind enough to get me DVDs #2 and #8 of Noir and a Dragon Shiryu SD plushie (I guess he was feeling expansive since I'd bought him an Andromeda Shun one when I got myself Phoenix Ikki) and to ramius_rathorne, who gifted me with the entire season of Birds of Prey on DVD. :)

I spent three hours standing in line in chilly weather (the line was out the door and around the side of the building when I got there) to get Caitlin Glass and Vic Mignogna's autographs, but it was worth it! They're both very nice, and seemed tickled that I was asking them to sign something that wasn't from Full Metal Alchemist. (Mignogna: "Do I see Saint Seiya?" Glass: "Thank you...it's always a pleasure to sign the more obscure things!") :)

I'll try and post the pictures from the trip soon - I got a number of really good cosplay ones!


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