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Free RPG Day

lostsatyr and I went to Milennium Games & Hobbies in Rochester for Free RPG Day yesterday.

I'd really only been intending to snag a couple copies of the Changeling: The Lost demo adventure and then lostsatyr and I would go next door to Taste of India for lunch (they've got a *scrumptious* buffet), but the fellow who had the CtL demo was running a Scion adventure, and one of the characters available was Yukiko Kuromizu, the Scion of Susano-o. As I told lostsatyr, how could I resist? =)

I had great fun, even if some of the players there were close to the stereotype of the gamer guy. I was amused that I had to explain to the fellow playing the Scion of Tezcatlipoca that "No, this game doesn't have alignments," when he asked me if the Scion of Aphrodite was "the chaotic character." I also had a bit of fun at the expense of the fellow playing the Scion of Aphrodite when I corrected his misconception about how "Oriental women don't do that" (involving something my character did). Err, excuse me, you're sitting right next to one IRL? =)

I had a great time playing the game - so much so that I couldn't stop talking about it to lostsatyr over lunch. He was quite taken with the ideas of the game, too, so I went back to the store and picked up a copy of the rules. As I told the GM, "I sold the hubby on it!" He gave me a thumbs-up. :D

I did get what I came for - and since the fellow who'd been playing the Scion of Tezcatlipoca didn't want a copy of the CtL demo, I was able to get one to give to justric. Huzzah!

I like the CtL demo, but in some ways it's just enough to tantalize me. I'd rather it contained some sample splats, powers, etc. (a'la the Promethean: The Created demo book); the adventure and the sample characters just didn't seem to grab me. Maybe it's just me. I do like the hints about what the game is going to be like, though - I'm eagerly awaiting the release of this one come August.

After lunch at the aforementioned scrumptious Indian buffet, we returned to Buffalo for ambrose_rinaldo's D&D game. justric stopped by with his adorable little girl, and we got to spent a bit of time chatting, which made me happy. He also brought me some homemade ginger beer! Yee! *does the happy dance* I was very pleased to give him the CtL demo - he seemed so pleased to get it! :)

And now to eat breakfast....


Jun. 25th, 2007 05:35 am (UTC)
Oh, yes, I was VERY glad to get a copy! Thank you again! Now... if only it were August...

I hope you like the ginger beer. I also hope it didn't explode; the yeast seemed to reactivate with a vengeance with some of the bottles from the last batch. Others came out fine. Let me know if you want more; I'm far better at brewing soda than at actual downright beer.


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