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Polaris 21 report

Polaris 21 was pretty good. OK, not as fun as some previous years, but good.

The following are entries written on my laptop while we were at the con.

Polaris 21, Day 1

We have made it here!

I had my dental appointment this morning, then lostsatyr and I went to meet ambrose_rinaldo for lunch at "Palace of Dosas," and then we packed up the car and were off to Tornonto!

We got over the border without a hitch; when we told her we were going to a Star Trek convention, the officer asked us if we could do "that finger thing." lostsatyr wasn't sure what she meant, until I gave her the "Live long and prosper," hand sign. I'm such a geek. =)

We had a bit of a bottleneck on the QEW, but got to the con in good time. After we checked in and hauled our stuff up to the room , we breezed through panelist check-in, had a bite to eat, and then went off to check out the dealer's room, where all three of us picked out some very pretty resin animals that lostsatyr had spotted. I now have a phoenix, a gryphon and a couatl to decorate our bookcase with when we get home.

I was rather underwhelmed by the "Summer Blockbusters" panel I attended today - it seems the panelists kept bashing films I actually liked. *sigh*

I also found some more magnets and bookmarks by the inimitable Heather Bruton to take home to grace our fridge and my books. Even if she isn't here this year (*pouts*), her artwork is.

I am on a panel discussing The Dresden Files at 11:00 PM tonight - I hope I can stay awake long enough to finish it.

Polaris 21, Day 2

I had a good time today.

I wore the full version of my Haku costume today, and I was pleasantly surprised at how good I looked. I think I will definitely wear this costume again - though I think I'll try and make a mask I can actually wear. Maybe I'll go for plaster cloth or take the advice of the folks at the cosplay panel ambrose_rinaldo was at and use the "layer of craft foam, layer of glue, layer of craft foam again" technique.

Speaking of the costume, someone actually wanted to take my picture today! *squees*

lostsatyr and I saw Marina Sirtis on stage this morning, and she was very, very funny. She had some really hilarious stories to tell, including ones about the various costume changes her character went through on TNG. "The only person on the Enterprise in a frock," indeed. =) And she autographed my copy of Gargoyles: Season One!" *insert Demona fangirl squeeing here*

lostsatyr and I also went to the Candian premiere of Blood Ties. I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't like the books, true, but it wasn't bad. And the actor who plays Henry is definitely easy on the eyes. *thinks thoughts better not printed in a public entry...* *clears throat*

I was rather disappointed that the panel ambrose_rinaldo, lostsatyr and I came to do was attended by only one person. I guess that's what happens when you're scheduled against both the masquerade and the Constellation Awards. *sighs*

OK...time to shut down the laptop, have a bit of a snack, and then go to the "Sex in Sci-Fi" and the "Queer Relationships in SF" panels. Should be fun.


The "Queer Relationships in SF" panel was awesome, especially since lostsatyr was on it with the inimitable Tanya Huff. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that she's read ElfQuest (as evidenced by her recalling the Leetah-Nightfall scene I mentioned during the panel)! Wow!

After the panel wound up, Tanya Huff got out her guitar and we had a filksing! She filks - neat!

On Sunday the 8 (Day 3 of the con), lostsatyr and I got some books signed by Tanya Huff - we also went to her author reading, and she was nice enough to autograph the copy of "Blood Wrapped," the Tony/Henry short story she'd read, and give it to me! *insert ecstatic fangirl squeeing here* I was so incredibly thrilled! It was like, WOW!

Tanya Huff is so cool!


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Jul. 12th, 2007 03:51 pm (UTC)
Sounds like a fun con. I've really only attended college cons and very small independent cons. Sometime I'll save up and go to a bigger con with bigger guests.
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