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We'll have fun, fun, fun...

Yesterday's session of War for the Oaks was great!

We got to the end of a story arc, so there was the predictable big combat. I think it went well - the antagonists were sufficiently tough that even with the backup the PCs brought with them, it was a hard fight (lostsatyr's PC only avoided dying by channeling his Rage...vampires with Potence and Beast Claws can be nasty!).

There should be some substantial goodies (in the form of Renown) headed their way for this, though. And lostsatyr's Fenrir Godi got his first Battle Scar! I foresee some possibilities for fun IC exchanges once the Battle Scar becomes "public knowledge" among the other Fenrir.

The players are also generating plot I never thought of on their own! This is great! I'm getting all sorts of ideas from what they're doing, and when the time comes to unveil those plots, I can say, "You're the ones who started this!" :D

I'm having fun, my players are having fun...what more needs to be said? :)

I think the best gauge of whether or not a game is "good" comes down to, "Did people have fun playing?" If the answer is, "Yes," than the game is "good," at least for that group.


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Aug. 5th, 2007 09:56 pm (UTC)
I know in my DnD game that you and others are playing in right now.. that every session reveals more insight about my plot by the PCs. I think it is wonderful because I have my main plot line, but the PCs keep giving me suggestions and additions all because of their curiosity and what they think is going on with the main plot line. Running my DnD game has been a great experience.
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