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Thursday, March 27

I discover that the copies of the CJ Carella’s WitchCraft Introductory Pack I have to distribute on Saturday have their pages copied in the wrong order. Argh! Looks like someone at Office Max wasn’t paying attention to the page numbers at the bottom. *gripe, snarl*

Our old friend ramius_rathorne arrives in Buffalo from Long Island. He and I catch up on old times for a while until lostsatyr gets home from work and we go to Denny’s for dinner. More catching up on old times and what’s been happening in our lives ensues during and after the meal. Everyone has some variety of burger and fries; go figure. :-)

After dinner, we stop at Office Max to explain my problem. The supervisor is most sympathetic, and says she’ll have the fellow who made the mistake re-do the copies. Nice.

After we return, we stay up talking for a while, then lostsatyr goes to bed so he can get up for work tomorrow. ramius_rathorne and I stay up talking a little while longer and then turn in too.

Friday, March 28

UB Con is here!

lostsatyr and I feed the kitties, then I see him off on his way to work and sit down to read e-mail. After ramius_rathorne gets up, we reminisce some more – most of the morning, in fact. We also talk about me possibly joining the Play-by-Chat game he plays in. He shows me the site, explaining a few things as he does so, and afterwards we chat (face to face) some more.

After we are ready for the day, I have lunch and ramius_rathorne kindly drives me to Office Max. This time the pages are in the right order! Yay!

A bit later, lostsatyr gets home from work, the kitties get their dinner, and we go to the fish fry at my old high school to get ours. Must support the old alma mater, after all. Food is good, but we wait a while for beverages and dessert. Ah, well, these are high school girls serving the dinner. ;-)

After supper, it is off to UB to pick up GM packets (me and lostsatyr) and Pre-Registration packet (ramius_rathorne). lostsatyr and I get through the line with no trouble, but the Registration Desk has trouble finding ramius_rathorne’s packet. We wish him luck, and go off to set up for my Werewolf: the Apocalypse event. Along the way, we pick up the UB Con 14 T-shirts and shot glasses we pre-ordered. They look good, I think.

lostsatyr and I sit around setting things up, and discover that there are not too many people around. **This does not bode well,** we think. But we set things up to try and make a go of it anyway.

After a little bit, ramius_rathorne drops by. He isn’t happy. It seems the staff cannot find his packet, so he has no tickets to any events, no badge, no T-shirt, etc. Bummer. He does decide to play in our event, though, so that’s a bonus, I guess.

As it gets closer to event time, more and more people start to trickle in. There are even some familiar faces from past years; guess we have a good rep from previous years (we’ve been doing this since 1996). We even pick up some people from an event that apparently no one showed up for. Ah, well – loss for that GM, but a gain for us. *grin*

We have fun leading the players’ werewolves on a search for five mystical warriors. They get some help from a band of Eastern shapeshifters. They also discover that the warriors are actually a group of young girls (do I like BSSM? Nah...). Suffice it to say the group gets the girls together, awakens their powers, and the five heroines save the world.

After the game, we have them vote on who did the best roleplaying. As it’s a three-way tie, we have them dice off for the prize. The guy playing the Bone Gnawer Ragabash wins a mug. As I escort him to pick up his prize, it turns out he went to college with lostsatyr’s sister. Small world...

After cleaning up, it’s off to home and bed. Hopefully, the staff will be able to find ramius_rathorne’s packet, or at least be able to arrange something for him, tomorrow...

To be continued...


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