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Road trip

Yesterday, lostsatyr and I took a trip out Rochester-way to visit some of our favorite places to shop.

We went to Crazy Egor's, where I picked up Winter Masques for CtL, a number of issues and compilations of Knights of the Dinner Table, and a Gloom Cookie compilation that had looked interesting the last time I'd been at the store and that was still there. It was much fun talking with Egor himself; we go way back. :)

Then we went to Hammergirl Anime, where I picked up the latest volume of the My-HiME manga and the first DVD of Simoun, an anime series I've been waiting for since I saw the sneak preview of it at Yurisai back in September. I look forward to watching it again...and seeing the two episodes they didn't preview at the con.

Then it was over to Taste of India, for truly scrumptious Indian cuisine. I even have some of the yummy Chicken Tikka Masala left over! *squees*

We also used this trip to try out the car adapter for our MP3 players that we got ourselves for Xmas. It worked very well. :)


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Jan. 28th, 2008 05:37 am (UTC)
sounds fun!

I wish I could have gone with you guys again. Maybe sometime in the near not-so-distant future.
Jan. 28th, 2008 06:29 am (UTC)
Winter Masques has some really neat stuff in it, although I would have done the organization of it a little differently. I also wish they had used some examples of Contracts that the Day/Night Courts might use... well, maybe a supplement will come out or I'll see something acceptable on the net. Only another week before Spring Rites comes out, too!

Gloomcookie was good, but to be honest I stopped reading after Ted Naifeh stopped doing the artwork. I like his Courtney Crumrin Tales, although I'm woefully behind.
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