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On "Underworld"

Chris and I went to see Underworld yesterday afternoon. I mostly wanted to see what all the hullaballoo was about (i.e., White Wolf Game Studios and Nancy A. Collins sueing Sony for copyright infringement).

So what did I find? Actually, I can sort of see why the Pale Puppies are sueing, but I personally found the similarities to the Kindred and Garou to be too vague for me to think they have a case (of course, I don't know much about the ins and outs of copyright law...;-). Of course, this is the company that apparently tried to trademark "Nosferatu" a couple years back...;-) Not having read Collins' story yet, I'll reserve judgement on her suit until I do.

Controversey aside, I enjoyed the movie. While not precisely "good," it was entertaining. And watching Kate Beckinsale (sp?) run around in that form-fitting black leather outfit was a succulent bonus (me? Like eye candy? Perish the thought...;-). I rather liked the "Lycan" (werewolf) leader, as well. As Chris put it, "[He had] the most brains out of the whole bunch." And well, I enjoyed Underworld more than some other films I've seen in the past couple years (*cough* the new SW films *cough*).

OK, not really spoilers, per se, but me musing on the names of the characters, and their meanings, in relation to the film. But I do give some things away...

Seline -- the moon goddess in Greek Mythology. She falls in love with a Lycan, who make much of the full moon. Was this intentional?

Kraven -- sounds like "craven," meaning "cowardly." A correlation, perhaps, on his having let the Lycan leader live, and then lied about it? Not to mention his cautious way of doing things....

Viktor -- "Victory." Ironic, perhaps, considering his fate at the end of the film?

"Lucian" -- from "light." Also the same root as "Lucifer," who rebelled against God. Given the fact that he rebelled against Viktor, I wonder what the writers were thinking...

"Michael" (Corvin) -- from the name of the archangel of war. Perhaps symbolic of what he becomes? He does destroy the forces of darkness to a degree...

OK, just my random musings. Make of them what you will. :-)


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