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I-Con 27

lostsatyr and I went to I-Con 27 this past weekend (April 4-6).

I had a marvelous time - I went to a lot of great panels, got to hang out with ramius_rathorne and taithbedwenwyn, and came home with some cool stuff.

My panels went off very well, for the most part, despite me being a bit spacy by the end of our "GBLT Characters in Anime & Manga" panel (held from 9 to 10 PM on Saturday night). lostsatyr and I packed the house both times!

On Saturday, I wore my Haku costume, and got a number of people wanting to take my picture. There's just something about people wanting to have a pic of you that makes a cosplayer feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :) One fellow asked me how much I'd paid for the costume, and when I replied that I'd made it myself, he was quite impressed - "Wow - it looks really professional!" I tell, you, I just about *glowed*.

I went to a number of panels on everything from Japanese culture to writing (and getting published) to medieval archery, and I learned a number of interesting facts. It isn't every day that one can learn how medieval arrowheads were made!

I brought home the first DVD of Strawberry Panic, Fight! Iczer One!, some pretty dice from Chessex, some cute stuffed animals (a white tiger and a snowshoe hare), some nifty T-shirts, and a Leaf village headband and some Naruto sandals - items for my plan to cosplay as Hyuga Neji (the character on the right in this picture) at Otakon 2008.


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