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UB Con 14 -- Saturday, March 29

lostsatyr and I sleep in this morning while ramius_rathorne goes back to campus to see what’s being run and wrangle with the con staff about his missing pre-reg. We get ready for the day, have lunch, and then it is off to the con again for our CJ Carella’s WitchCraft event.

When we get there, we find a number of people from the Werewolf event waiting to play in this one. Apparently they liked us. Characters are distributed, I put the package of Nutty Bars purchased for the occasion on the table, and we begin.

The players’ characters are all college students at a school in a make-believe city in CA called San Tobal (named for lostsatyr, the GM, back when we ran WitchCraft as a regular campaign a couple years back). Their job is to uncover the mystery of the "San Tobal Slasher" (actually a werejaguar). They do quite well, except for when half the group gets hung up on whether or not to break into a suspect’s apartment. I also have fun revisiting my Goth Medium (as in a person who talks to the souls of the departed, not the clothing size), Deirdre Ravenscroft, as she shows her infant (and powerfully Gifted) cousin how to relate to spirits (the things you can learn from your babysitter in the WitchCraft world).

Sometime in the middle of the event, we get some surprise visitors -- ramius_rathorne, and our old friends eslin and her hubby, just returned to Buffalo after an extended stay on the west coast. The typical squeals and hugs ensue between me and eslin, much to the confusion of our players. ramius_rathorne, eslin and her hubby settle in to watch, and we finish the event with an audience.

The girl playing the Nomad mystic wins the prize – a UB Con T-shirt, and the materials Eden was nice enough to send to us: a Conspiracy X supplement, a Unisystem D20 adventure, and a WitchCraft GM’s screen. Everyone else gets a copy of the WitchCraft Introductory Pack, some promotional postcards, and a coupon for 10% off at Eden’s online store. Nifty! We also learn that, as ramius_rathorne is a former SaRPA officer and thus trustworthy, he has been given all of his events. Double nifty!

By this time it’s 6 PM, and I’m getting sort of woozy (damn hypoglycemia...), so we all decide to head to a nearby Denny’s for dinner. We chat up eslin, her hubby and ramius_rathorne for a while, but then notice we’re waiting an awfully long time for our food. Finally, our meals arrive, just in time for us to more or less bolt them down in order to get back to UB on time to run my Changeling: The Dreaming event. We make a mental note to never eat at that particular Denny’s when we are in a hurry again.

lostsatyr and I squeak into the building just before event time to find our players waiting outside the door. Yet again, we have a number of the same people, plus eslin and her hubby – ramius_rathorne is in Confluence, the Dungeons & Dragons trivia contest, as he’s made it to the second round.

This adventure involves the player characters (fae all) being trapped in twelfth-century Britain (for those familiar with CtD, it involved a trod and a mission in the Dreaming...). While trying to find a way home, they save a pair of young lovers from an evil sorcerer. In gratitude, a local fae (the lovers’ guardian, natch) sends them home. The game is interrupted a few times by noisy Live-Action players in the same building, which is kind of annoying, but other than that it goes well, except for a fight breaking out between two characters as they try to see who can take more punishment, or something like that – I’m trying not to pay too much attention.

The girl who won the prize in our previous event wins the copy of Noblesse Oblige that I put up for a prize, and our friend Doug, who’s also playing, wins a UB Con T-shirt. The players, lostsatyr and I also devour a package of mint-creme Oreos in the course of the evening.

By the end of the event, it’s midnight, and I’m tired. Some of the players seem to be wound up, though, and try to stay in the room and talk (besides, they probably only have to go to a dorm room...). Luckily eslin is able to shoo them out, and I get a little time to talk with her before lostsatyr and I have to give a player a lift home.

By the time we get home ourselves, it’s past 1 am; we quickly feed the cats, talk a little with ramius_rathorne, and then retire, since lostsatyr wants to play in an event on Sunday morning.


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