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Originally found posted on the FAQs for Seattle: The Emerald City, with additional material added from By Night....


Warning, if you are already playing one of these, prepare to be insulted.

1. The Seductress

Usually described as "stunningly beautiful, but deadly," this female character embodies not only lack of imagination but several negative stereotypes. Furthermore, Seductresses soon become two-note characters, since they almost invariably relate to men by flirting and women by putting them down. At their worst, players who choose this character type turn their posts into mini-porn novels.

Very few people can carry this type of character off successfully. And people,we have seen enough characters described as having raven hair, creamy thighs, or creamy jade eyes.

2. The Chosen One aka the Neo Complex

This involves a Kindred who was Embraced by a mysterious Sire and then left to his or her own devices as part of a Greater Plan. Fact: this almost never happens in V:tM, because Kindred who abandon their Childer risk a horribly ugly Breach by an ignorant new vamp and will probably be severely punished by the ruling parties in their city. If you're dying to do a character with a Mysterious Past Unknown Even to Him, you'd better have a damn good idea AND an explanation of where your character fits into his Sire's Greater Plan.

This also applies to all you people with Dark Secret or Destiny or any of those Flaws that you get for a couple freebies and never see the Flaw manifest. We know who you are.

3. The Lonesome Brooding Warrior

Lots of people have tragic pasts. Get over it and do something besides wax melodramatic about your character's beautiful wife and daughter who were killed by Nazi Communists in the heartless firebombing of a kitten shelter. Oh, and stop vowing revenge; there are no Nazi Communists in Seattle. If your character has a Sacred Cause, make sure he or she can pursue the aforementioned Cause in the Emerald City, because otherwise your character just looks stupid.

Also, refrain from having your character tell everyone he meets that he has forsworn personal relationships to dedicate his life to the Cause, because you will defeat the purpose of online RP. Face it, people don't like being around violent assholes.

3.25. Undead Rambo

Your character has spent years in the (Green Berets/Delta Force/Navy SEALS/Rangers/Marine Recon/SAS/CIA/French Foreign Legion /Swedish Paratroopers...you get the point) before his Embrace, now he's a one-man mercenary army that makes Mister Clark from those Tom Clancy novels look like Fred Durst. He can fire any weapon with precision, knows all about explosives, has an arsenal that puts the Michigan Militia to shame (complete with lil' extras like rubidium bullets and Dragon's Breath), dresses in military surplus, has a hard-core tattoo with a skull, crossed rifles and "Death before Dishonor" on his bulging 36-inch bicep, and at all times carries at least two hand cannons and a K-Bar in his boot...why hasn't Jerry Bruckheimer done a movie about him? Because he's been done to death! Blow Taps and give this stereotype a proper burial. These characters are one-dimensional, tend to be defined by their martial skills, and find themselves quite bored when they learn that this game's not combat-heavy. One of the Storytellers [on By Night...] is a soldier and her tolerance level for bovine excrement in this area is pretty low. Put down that issue of Soldier of Fortune, stop quoting R. Lee Ermey from Full Metal Jacket, and allow your character to have an unlife. An undead warrior can make an interesting vampire if you get into his/her head; just don't get caught up with that "kill 'em all" psyche. Ladies, we're not leaving you out--you are not Xena, Warrior Vampire or what's-her-name from Alias.

4. The Abandoned Innocent or Pity Me

Your character's beloved [insert relation] is dead, she has nowhere to go, and somehow ended up in Seattle seeking a fresh start away from her painful past and guidance in this strange, confusing new life. Excuse us while we vomit. If you are so pitiful and just want us to feel sorry AND combine it with being Appearance 4+, you should die.

4.5. The Hopeless Romantic

These lovely female Kindred (most of them Abandoned Innocents) have a tendency to fall deeply in love with the first male Kindred they interact with, and if encouraged by their new "soulmate," the posts tend to be sappy professions of eternal devotion (including marriage proposals) and steamy bodice-ripping lovemaking scenes. Hopeless Romantics have no other agenda or ambition than "standing by their man", rarely feed, and rarely interact with other players without their beloved present. When their lovers' Players have to leave the site Hopeless Romantics either "fade out" of the game or they begin the cycle anew with the next male Kindred that interacts with them. This is not Jane Austen's Vampire: the Masquerade, nor is By Night a online dating service. Characters do attract others and form relationships, but it is not all-consuming. The 'hearts and flowers' mortal love makes for rather silly bloodsucking predators and makes them more of a liability than an asset--enemies find it better to get at you through the people you love the most. They don't call this the World of Darkness for nothing.

5. The Wealthy, Powerful Charmer

Far too many characters come into town with tons of money and worshipping retainers and allies who say "yes, sir" to their every whim, invariably provoking the response, "Sell the BMW and buy yourself some creativity!" They then proceed to assume they are special and important within the context of the city; see the warning above. If you create a politically powerful character, DO NOT expect to be made part of Seattle's elite after your first post; you'll need to work your way up IC just like everybody else, because we don't care what anyone did before coming here (same goes for players who think that 5 years online gets them a gold watch). If your character is fabulously wealthy, make sure we know where the money came from. Also, if your character is a charming playboy make sure he's got interesting, non-stereotypical elements as well.

Finally, enough with the frickin' inheritance crap. People are not just independently wealthy as soon as their parents die.

6. The Tough, Independent, Rebellious Street Individual

Bios by these characters usually start out with, "Jill hates authority and anyone who tells her what to do." If your character is going to survive within the game he or she is going to have to exercise some deference to authority, even if it's faked.

7. The Heartless Violent Psychopath

Given how touchy supernatural society can be about breaches of their 'Out of Sight' policies, this is not only one-note but practically ensures a short IC character life. If you want your character to have a dark side, make sure he's got a way to indulge his hobby that won't upset the mortals or authority.

Also make sure there's more to him than the homicidal impulses; no one wants to read post after post about your character draining a beautiful virgin before breaking her neck.

8. The Underworld Manipulator

Stop bringing new gangs and criminal organizations into Seattle! You can't have your own gang just because you have Street Influence. News flash: There are entities that usually have a hand in those sorts of things and if anyone tried to gain ground in Seattle without that OK, that person would end up dead. Failing that, he would wish he was dead. If you want an underworld character, e-mail Ash and figure out a plausible way to get your character a piece of the action, such as it is - be forewarned that crime has been deliberately limited ,so not many people with lots of prior experience are going to be terribly interested.

9. The Orphan

Look, we realize that most of you are teenagers, fighting to get out of the house rules of mommy and daddy, but for your character to have independence does not require you to kill off your character's folks, especially by violent means. Granted, some people lose their parents at a young age, but it is the exception, not the rule. Nothing says you have to like them, but what most people do is just move out.

10. Deathraven the Gothic Avenger

Pooling in from the darkness in his black trenchcoat, Deathraven and his twin silvered pair of katanas... What? Who the hell has been watching Highlander again? Cut the katana crap! They are not parrying blades and when paired, it was a katana and a wakizashi! Get your damn weapons straight; and trench coat or not, you won't be hiding these things on your person to walk around the city. In August 1999, Seattle police actually shot a nut who thought this would be cool to do.

11. A Gangrel with Wolves

There are other animals too, you know! Get some nice mountain lion friends. There are coyotes, prairie dogs . . . take a squirrel pack for all I care, just no more wolves!

12. Celtic Cheeze®

Look, a little cheese goes a long way and we know that all things Celtic are "Kewl" and "Trendy" with more people in the US claiming to be cool and Celtic than the frigging population of Ireland and Scotland. Not to say all of 'em are full o' blarney :-) Unless you can keep this facet of your character from overpowering him/her, give the ethnic flavor of the decade a break.

If you are a huge fan of Braveheart, are haunted by the ethereal sounds of Clannad and really *must* make an Irish or Scottish character, talk to one of the folks on the site that live there (we have English, Welsh, and Scot players [on The Emerald City]) or do a little more research than the stuff in those Llewelyn books you got to learn about Wicca. For Fook's sake! (Bet you didn't know that was Celtic!)

And for feck's sake, we have more than enough feisty female vamps with fiery red hair and emerald green eyes [on By Night...]! Red hair being a very recessive trait, only a small percentage of people from the U.K. and Ireland fit that stereotype.

---From the Emerald City FAQs and the By Night...Stereotypes Page


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