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Otakon - Day 1

We got a pretty early start - after breakfast (we bought cereal, OJ and milk last night, as we discovered you don't get a complimentary breakfast at the hotel - as we thought at first - unless you're a member of their priority club) we headed to the light rail station and took the train to the convention center.

I was quite glad we had thought to get our badges yesterday, because we didn't have to wait to get in. The line was almost around the block!

I wore the Neji Hyuga outfit today, and actually had a couple of people take my picture. I also got photos of a number of cosplayers - including an adorable pair of little kids.

I spent a good deal of the morning waiting for Yuri Lowenthal's autograph, but it was worth it - he was very nice, and I even got my picture taken with him!

Then it was off to what remained of the Yuri panel. It was very good.

lostsatyr and I roamed the dealer's room for a few hours after that. So much stuff, so little money! And we didn't even see everything there! I walked out of there with the complete set of Samurai 7, a couple of T-shirts, and a pair of art books - one Arslan, one Steel Angel Kurumi. I also got the first three volumes of the Azumanga Daioh manga.

We sat through some of the Yaoi Press panel, but lostsatyr and I were not impressed with the panelist. Let's just say she could have been more professional - it's not a good idea to make fun of your artists in public. Not to mention the silly yaoi fangirls didn't help matters by laughing at it.

*clears throat* Okay, done bitching.

The Media Blasters panel afterwards was fun, though. We learned about some of their new manga releases, and that one of lostsatyr's favorite titles, Skyscrapers of Oz, is now in its sixth printing. It has also apparently outsold all of their other manga!

We finished off the day by going to the screening of the live action Death Note movie. I enjoyed that a great deal - the CGI of Ryuk was very impressive, and the actress playing Naomi looked very good in her leather outfit. Also, Light Yagami is scary as hell. The movie was certainly a good watch - I'm glad we were able to see it.

Oh! justric, there were some Persona 3 cosplayers there - I even got some pics of them.

So, I had a good time today. Tomorrow, I wear the Haku costume!


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