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So, Otakon XV is over.

I had a wonderful time, by and large - lostsatyr and I found many lovely things to bring home with us, I got to see some people in terrific costumes (pictures forthcoming), and saw a number of cool panels.

Saturday I walked around in the Haku outfit and got a number of compliments - that made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. =) We also got to see Yuri Lowenthal and his wife, Tara Platt - they were very funny, and very nice people.

We got to the Art Show and the "Artists' Alley," and admired the pretty things that people had on display. I also picked up a number of things, from buttons to prints. I was actually quite happy to find a number of prints of Haku, who's one of my favorite characters in Naruto.

While I was standing in line for the "Old Fart Anime" panel (basically, talking about old school anime) on Saturday night, I had the misfortune to run into a jerk who styled himself the "Narutard Hunter," and hit me with a plumber's helper. Suffice it to say I was not amused. I think that glaring at him and not playing his game kind of deflated the arsehole, though. I also reported him to the con staff, so hopefully he won't be trying that sort of crap again (and according to one of the staffers, they keep the list from year to year, so if he does try it again, there will already be evidence against him. :)

The "Old Farts..." panel was a lot of fun - a bunch of us older fans talking about the series we remember. I even got to reminisce about Gatchaman, and I think I impressed one of the panelists with my knowledge of the show - I named each of the cast members, plus the particular bird their "Birdstyle" was associated with. Go me!

By the time the panel was done, we had to leave in order to catch the train back to the hotel, so I missed some of the stuff I would have liked to see. Oh, well...maybe next year we can stay closer to the convention center.

I don't think I mentioned the size of the Dealer's Room there - it's huge! lostsatyr and I were at the con all three days, and it took us that long to see everything that was in there! As stated before, there was a lot of great stuff - we brought home a number of things, from DVDs to manga to T-shirts. I picked up all four volumes of Azumanga Daioh (the manga), some yuri-themed T-shirts (thank goodness some people actually understand that there are yuri as well as yaoi fans out there), the DVD box set of Samurai 7, a bunch of Saint Seiya DVDs, two Steel Angel Kurumi and some Weiss Kreuz artbooks, and a Mai HiME messenger bag. I also picked up some yuri-themed buttons (and got a yaoi-themed one for the hubby), and an adorable messenger bag with an anthropomorphic yuri couple (it was the last one left!) from the Artist's Alley.

I went to a "Women in Anime" panel run by voice actress Ellyn Stern that was disappointing. She had an ax to grind - essentially, she believes that all anime is oppressing women, and when I tried to disagree with her assertion that all Japanese women are severely oppressed, she cut me off and then refused to recognize me when I raised my hand for the rest of the time I was there. I noticed that she did that to the other people in the panel who disagreed with her, so I made sure to tell the con staffers at the con feedback panel. What the heck - at least I tried.

As we left the convention center, I found myself feeling sad - it looked sort of empty without all the otaku running around. :)

All in all, a very fun con! I want to come back next year - and maybe I'll even convonce lostsatyr to do a panel or two with me! Hmmm...maybe something about couples in anime fandom? :)

EDITED TO ADD: In case you were wondering, the title refers to my costume on Sunday. I was dressed as Sakura from Urusei Yatsura (in her miko, or Shinto priestess, outfit), but everyone seemed to think I was Kikyo from Inuyasha (who is also a miko). When someone made the mistake, lostsatyr joked with me that, "All miko look the same." :)


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