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Gaming with an old friend

Last night, I GMed a game for roisnoir, eslin, and eslin's husband, Tree. This was a whole lot of fun, because I haven't had the chance to RP FtF with roisnoir in I don't know *how* long.

The game was an old Changeling convention event, and I think it came out quite well, despite getting off to a slow start. The plot in a nutshell: the PCs (a nocker [roisnoir], a troll [eslin], and a satyr [Tree]), had to solve a murder mystery, against the backdrop of the duke and duchess' anniversary party. Kudos go to Calliope (roisnoir's character) for the poison-sniffing dogbot. Go K9! :-)

There were a number of funny quotes (as always seems to happen in my games); I'll put down the ones I remember here (in no particular order):

"Is it me, or is the snake oil just oozing from her voice as she says that?"
---Emma (eslin's character), as Unseelie eshu information broker Ysolde Nyx offered her congratulations to the duke and duchess

"'I don't want to work on cars, I want to work on carnival equipment.' Wait, let's put that in nocker-speak --- 'I fuckin' wanna work on fuckin' carnival equipment!'"
---roisnoir explaining her character Calliope to the GM

"Look! She's melting!"
---Calliope, on the sweating Countess Crystal (the murder victim), whom the GM had earlier described as looking "like she [was] made of glass...or ice."

"It would explain the duchess' attitude."
---One of the characters on the idea that sidhe were born with icicles up their behinds (inspired by Calliope's "melting" comment)

"Move it, Carrot."
---Calliope, getting past a redheaded sidhe to investigate one of the guest rooms

"You're a satyr. if it has a brain and an orifice, it does it for you. And sometimes the brain is optional."
---eslin, explaining to Tree about satyrs

"No more goat-lovin' for you."
"But I got a lot of kids that way."
---eslin and Tree discussing Tree's character's being a grump

"Nothing about Porthos is slender."
---eslin commenting about lostsatyr's rotund satyr NPC

There were probably a good deal more; I'll add them in the comments if I remember.

All in all, much fun. roisnoir, can we do it again next time you're in town? *looks hopeful*


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Oct. 29th, 2003 08:48 am (UTC)
You bet!

I enjoyed gaming with eveyone very much!
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