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Otakon 16 con report

I had a lot of fun, even when you factor in the extremely hot and muggy drive down, lostsatyr getting us lost on the way to the hotel, and the bellowing jerk right behind us in the line to get badges. Come to think of it, that all happened before the con, so I guess I had even more fun at the con itself. =)

I went to a number of interesting panels, including some on Japanese history and culture. I was only vaguely acquainted with some of the subject material before (like the Shinsengumi), but noiw I know quite a bit more. Kudos should go to the people who did those panels - they were very good and knowledgeable.

The "Beyond D & D" panel that the hubby and I went to was wonderful - the two fellows giving it knew their stuff, and were funny as well. I really liked the visuals - they even had some scenes from the Bayeaux (sp?) Tapestry to illustrate player versus NPC, player versus GM, and player versus player conflicts. Very clever.

On the other hand, the "Using Anime With Your Games" workshop was a big disappointment. When people make a special effort to get to the con early to see your workshop, the least you can do is start ON TIME, instead of spending almost twenty minutes lollygagging and chitchatting with one of the attendees while you frelling ignore everyone else. After twenty minutes of that rubbish, I slipped out and went to a panel on "The Evolution of Anime" which was far more interesting - even when you consider that it got cut off by the fire alarm. :)

I also picked up some very cool stuff in the dealers' room and artists alley (like that surprises anyone). I came home with the box set of Basilisk (Romeo & Juliet with ninja and a heaping helping of action); the first box set of Romeo x Juliet (a re-imagining of Romeo & Juliet with Juliet as a Scarlet Pimpernel figure called the Red Cyclone); Iczer Reborn (female super-android and schoolgirl fight Lovecraft-esque aliens); some lovely prints and buttons from the artists alley; and a My HiME artbook (I went a little over budget for that one, but I couldn't resist). I also got some artwork commissioned - it should arrive in a few weeks, if the artists' estimates are correct.

As always, there were some wonderful cosplays - photos are coming, as soon as I download them off the camera.

All in all, a very good con - I'm looking forward to next year!


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Aug. 5th, 2009 06:57 am (UTC)
Sounds like it was fun! I really need to go to a con...
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