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UB Con 14 -- Sunday, March 30

lostsatyr and ramius_rathorne are up bright and early to get into morning events; not wanting to stay home alone during the con, I get up as well, and lostsatyr and I hurry off to UB to get into the event on time. I am none too lucid from lack of sleep, but at least he’s thought to bring along some OJ in a sports bottle, which revives me a little bit.

We arrive at the building where the event is to be held to find no one there. Reasoning that perhaps the GM forgot about Daylight Savings, we wait around a while and get some food from the vending machines, until lostsatyr decides to go to the Student Center to check out where the game is being held. As I’m still sleepy, I volunteer to stay and watch our stuff. Relishing the idea of going back to bed, or even grabbing a nap, I look up to discover lostsatyr returning, with a sort of sheepish look on his face. Turns out Daylight Savings starts next weekend. Ooops.

Shortly thereafter, the GM for the morning event, an old acquaintance of lostsatyr's, shows up, and we adjourn to the room. I’m still not too lucid, but choose a character anyway, reasoning that if we are the only two people playing, at least we can make it worth the GM’s while to come out to UB on a Sunday morning. My stomach isn’t feeling all that good, though, so I’m not too sure if I’m going to play or not.

After a while, a number of people show up. One of the guys starts making Progresso Chicken Stew in a crock pot in the room, and the smell of that stuff does bad things to my upset stomach – I hastily excuse myself and reluctantly drop out of the game.

After a nap on one of the couches in the building’s lounge area, I’m feeling better – so much better, in fact, that I take a walk to the Student Center to check out the Dealers’ Room. It’s not all that great; there are very few dealers, even for Sunday morning. I finally pick up Guide to the Anarchs for VtM, Book of the City for WtA, and the newest issue of KoDT (with the Gatchaman-inspired cover!).

After chatting with ramius_rathorne and some of the con staff, I go back to the room to see how lostsatyr's game is going. It sounds mildly interesting, though one of the guys (the same one with the crock pot, oddly enough), is playing with all the charm of a rabid pit bull. Trying to ignore him by burying my head in Guide to the Anarchs as I wait for lostsatyr, I wonder to myself why cons seem to always bring out the obnoxious ones with no social skills whatsoever, and who, even worse, have no idea they’re socially inept and think they’re the gods’ gift to the RP community. Blech!

Finally, the event is over, and we join ramius_rathorne for lunch at Campus Pizza. The service is only marginally better than Saturday night’s dinner, and the food isn’t anything laudable. I find myself wondering if we shouldn’t have gone to Burger King after all, and having to watch coverage of the conflict in Iraq on the restaurant’s big-screen TV doesn’t help my appetite, either...

Things pick up some after lunch, as we watch the finals of Confluence (or, as ramius_rathorne affectionately refers to it later, the “Geek-Off”). I have fun seeing how many of the questions I can answer, and rooting for akadriver's hubby. He makes it to second place, with another friend from SaRPA, P., winning. akadriver's hubby is in a good humor, though, proclaiming to us after the contest that P’s winning proves “[P] is a bigger geek than [he is]!” After talking for a little while, the three of us play Talisman with akadriver and her hubby. I get to be the Warrior of Chaos, and keep losing my gold, but I do learn how to play the game. It’s fun, but apparently can take a long time before someone actually wins; ramius_rathorne remarks only half-jokingly that “This is the game you play until everyone gets bored and goes home.” It’s fun all the same; we play until akadriver and her hubby have to leave, then go off to Bennigan’s for supper. As is our usual practice every year, we spend the dinner dissecting the convention. After we finish dinner, we return home and talk some more for a while, then retire, as lostsatyr has to work and ramius_rathorne has to return home the next day.


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