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Scion solutions

A bit of background - I like to color-code the characters on the battle wheel in our Scion game for easy reference (PCs in one color, antagonists in another, and so on), and find that I like dry-erase markers better than chalk for marking stuff on the wheel.

Unfortunately for me, there is only one room in the building where we are allowed to play (on the local university campus) with a dry-erase marker board (as opposed to a regular chalkboard), and it is apparently in high demand amongst the local gaming groups.

After losing the room to other groups the past few times, lostsatyr and I decided to make up our own battle wheel and (on the suggestion of tarbis) have it laminated. After I made up a wheel in my trusty drawing program, lostsatyr copied it at 24 1/2 inches by 22 inches at work, and we got it laminated at Office Max. So now we have a reusable battle wheel that can be drawn on with dry-erase markers, and we won't have to try to beat other groups to campus to claim the room with the marker board every time. :)

I've also been putting the comb binding machine I got to good use - we now have a collection of antagonists (assembled from our PDFs of four of the five Scion books - I love DriveThruRPG!) in one book. I'm planning to do the same thing for Boons and Knacks (which are also spread out over all five books). It sure beats having to carry around all five hardcovers, and it also will save the sort of fragile binding on my copy of Demigod. :)

When the gaming companies claimed that gaming encouraged creativity, they were right! :)



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Feb. 28th, 2010 09:40 pm (UTC)
Huh... I just would have used color chalk. But your idea makes a lot more sense!
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