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I think the best thing I can say is that it was a mixed bag. I enjoyed the games I ran and played in, and picked up some nice stuff in the Dealers Room, but there were a number of bugs in the system that detracted from the experience.

The scheduling was a fiasco, to put it mildly. Next year, they need to forget about having cutesy names for the days and just go for straightforward and CLEAR. I didn't get the "XP, MP, HP" reference until someone told me, and it just made it harder to figure out when everything was. And listing the events by the order they were submitted (!) in the con book didn't help matters.

They really need to be mindful of safety issues next year - I know of at least two incidents where the exits to the Student Center were blocked (fire hazard, anyone?). They also need someone to herd attendees (I'd volunteer) - it would cut down on the people bunching up in groups instead of lining up in an orderly fashion (there's my education major showing....:).

I also lost players because the schedule was such a mess. *sighs* I know of people who would have played in my games if the con book hadn't made the mistake of listing erroneous game times. *shakes head*

On the other hand, I really enjoyed playing in justric's games, and I was thrilled to try out the Dragon Age tabletop RPG - it seems to be a nice, easy system and maybe lostsatyr will be willing to give it a go now. I also picked up a new Dice Bag of Devouring and some cool T-shirts. And it was a lot of fun to hang out with ramius_rathorne - even if I did talk his ear off. *blushes*


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Apr. 15th, 2010 12:39 am (UTC)
Rich really likes DA. He says its one of the most easy to understand systems he's ever tried. Dude's already coming up with ideas for next year.
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