The Geek Queen (thegamemistress) wrote,
The Geek Queen

Otakon 17 - Fastest badge pickup EVER!

I don't know who was responsible for organizing the new system for badge pickup this year at Otakon, but I want to thank them profusely!

There was NO line when lostsatyr and I went to pick up our badges this evening - a HUGE improvement over the two previous years we attended Otakon, when the line went around the convention center and then some. Yay for no waiting in line in the hot, humid weather! We entered the building, went up the stairs, picked up our badges, and went out. The new barcode system and having the various badge designs on display as you went through the lines helped too.

After we got our badges, we ate at a very nice restaurant across the street - the same place we had dinner at the end of the con last year. The smoked turkey wrap was as good as I remember it being.

Interestingly enough, there seems to be a church convention here at our hotel this weekend - that ought to be funny when I go downstairs in full cosplay regalia tomorrow and Saturday....:)

Need to sit down with the schedule and figure out what I want to do over the weekend - that way, I can cut down on figuring it out at the con. I would like to get some autographs, so I need to factor in time for that, too. There's a lot to do, and I don't want to miss something I really want to see if I can help it.
Tags: conventions, otakon, otakon 17
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