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Otakon 18...is now...over

(This entry's title was chosen with sincerest regards to the writers, etc. of Braingames)

I had a great time - I saw some neat anime (Tiger and Bunny and the North American premiere of Puella Magi Madoka Magica); went to some cool panels (the Toei toukousatsu and Tiger & Bunny ones *rocked*); found some keen stuff in the Dealers Room and Artists Alley; and generally had a grand time being an anime otaku among other anime otaku for three days (now that the con is over, I find myself missing my "tribe").

I got a bunch of stuff (sweatshirt, T-shirt, bag, wallet, cell phone holder, buttons) from Neko-jin Designs, because they are awesome; a bunch of DVDs (Genshiken 2, Maria-sama ga Miteru, Full Metal Panic - The Second Raid [on Blu-Ray], and Maria-Holic); a cute little stuffed kitsune; and an "I (heart) Yuri" T-shirt (that was the last one the dealer had, and he gave me props for buying it!).

I very much enjoyed staying within walking distance of the convention center this year - it was great to be able to see more events and not have to worry about catching the light rail to get back to the hotel. And the walk to and from the con was actually nice - the neighborhood between the convention center and the hotel has a number of buildings that have really pretty architecture (I took pics of some of them because I thought they looked so neat).

As always, there were a number of really stunning cosplays at the con - I got pics of a number of them (to be downloaded off the camera eventually).

All in all, a wonderful con - I'm kind of disappointed it's over (this afternoon, I was like, "What, it's over already?"). Oh well, there's always next year.


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