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Spring 2012 cons - highlights

So, I went to UBCon April 13-15 and Tora-Con April 21 and 22.

UBCon 23 - Mis-Judgement Day

I had a good time, despite some hiccups (hint - backup plans are a very good thing; some of the aforementioned hiccups could probably have been avoided if there had been backup plans in place).

My Scion event was awesome; I really enjoyed running it, and the players were terrific. It made me remember how much fun Scion can be (which bodes well for my upcoming Scion cycle).

My Dresden Files game could have gone better, but I blame some of the players, who wouldn't have known "cooperation" if it bit them on their behinds. *sighs* Guess I got spoiled by my regular group...luckily, tamminnanny, ramius_rathorne, and hatchingphoenix made that event bearable.

tamminnanny's Airship Pirates game later that evening, though, was just the anodyne I needed - great fun was had by all. :)

Tora-Con 2012

Took the nephew and his mom on Saturday. I think he was more interested than she was, but neither of them seemed that enthused. Then again, it is a small con.

On Sunday, lostsatyr and I did a panel on "Japanese Culture in Anime & Manga" that was very well-received; we had fun doing it, too. It was gratifying to get applause; it made me feel as if my hard work had paid off. We're thinking of doing that panel again; maybe at I-Con if we ever manage to make it back there....

I was a little sad when Tora-Con was over and I had to go back to mundanity, but as the hubby said, it gives my pocketbook time to recover. :)

That's it for cons until summer....


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