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VtM LARPs suck

Pun not intended.

What is it about MET games that seems to attract players here like bees to honey? And how can I get it?

There are three VtM MET games here, and they may be fun for those who are in them, but they make it very hard on those of us who are trying to get players for other games. It's made even harder when they insist on holding them on Saturday evenings, which is pretty much the only time I can set up to play.

I've played in my share of MET games, and they always seemed to me to involve a great deal of effort for little return. Of course, that may be because here, all the MET games I know of are held in one building on the local college campus. I dunno, but I find it hard to muster enthusiasm for spending my Saturdays pretending to be a vampire while wandering around a sterile-seeming, drab, institutional building.

Perhaps it's just sour grapes. Then again, I'm old enough to remember the days before MET even existed. I know I might be shocking the crap out of some players, but it's true -- there was a time before White Wolf LARPs existed. I played Vampire on the tabletop, and I can say with certainty that it was just as character-driven and story-rich as any MET game I've been in. Any.

I'm very tired of having MET held up as some Holy Grail of roleplaying. AFAIK, it isn't. And don't even get me started about people being pulled out of my games to discuss LARP matters and never being seen again. Then there was the time a friend of mine tried to take a snack break during one of my games and ended up being kidnapped by one of the LARPs ("No, I'm not going to spend all night lying in this elevator playing a corpse for you -- I'm in a game...")

I just wish all those LARPing lemmings here would take a chance on something else. Who knows? They might like it. The problem is, they won't try.

Maybe it's no accident that most of the MET games here are Vampire ones -- they do have the tendency to devour everyone in their path...


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