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Ask a simple question...

A few days ago, I posted in roleplayers, asking how to integrate a number of new characters into the CtD/WtA game I'm currently running. I got a response from someone who said that one character (the Silent Strider) would slaughter another (the Unseelie sluagh), and then imprison a second (the Seelie sluagh) -- supposedly, because sluagh are "Wyrm-y" and Unseelie are evil. Another poster said that things looked "pretty fucked." I responded to that by saying that, since I've been running this game for more than half a year and my players and I have been having a marvelous time with it, that I must be "fucked" in a good sense. :) (my exact words were, "in the sense of the warm, yummy afterglow," with thanks to lostsatyr).

Yes, so maybe the above reaction would be the canon one for a werewolf. I don't care. Of course, one of my not-so-guilty pleasures as a GM has been to cheerfully toss out bits of canon that don't fit in my games. And, before the canon mavens start squawking, I'm going to point to a little something in all of White Wolf's games called "The Golden Rule." So it's even sanctioned by the company itself. :)

Next time I'm going to keep my mouth shut about what system I'm running, and keep my question as generic as possible. Seems less controversial that way.


Jan. 23rd, 2004 11:41 pm (UTC)
Ehh. People who think all Werewolves must act like Get of Fenris Ahroun are addled. People who think all Get of Fenris Ahroun must act like Get of Fenris Ahroun are addled.

You choose a "tribe", you choose a "class," nowhere does it say that you must choose a personality. And if it does say that somewhere, in my 1st edition rules it was refered to as page XX, so I never managed to find it.



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