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This is what you get when you ret-con things willy-nilly...


Downloaded e-mail for the CtD discussion list I'm on, and discovered that the only message posted was the latest summary of the travesty of a CtD PbEM that I removed myself from some time ago (I won't bore people with the details; page back through my LJ if you really wanna know, but be prepared for lots of ranting).

's rather amusing, 'cause there's a quote in there from one of the other PCs, saying how she's so upset 'cause my erstwhile PC interrupted her chat with another PC. Interstingly enough, I would like to note here that my PC interrupting got retconned, because the PC doing the talking was so pissy that someone wanted to *gasp* participate in a conversation that was publicly posted on the list! :) *snickers*

Of course, this is what happens when you get ret-con happy -- apparently, even the one who made such a big stink about it remembers the original...

*shakes head*
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