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I really don't understand the idea that some gamers seem to have, that if someone plays System X, then he must be a good roleplayer. I think that's baloney. (Forgive me, adherents of this credo, but it's true. :)

The one person who did more to turn me off to Mage: The Ascension was a fellow who, when I was new to RP, went around with his nose in the air, claiming that "Good Roleplayers" played MtA. If you played anything else (heaven forfend!), you weren't a "Good Roleplayer." :P

I'd here like to go on to add that this man was one of the crappier roleplayers and GMs I've seen (running us through an adventure just so your godlike NPC can come in and berate us for missing your infitesimally (sp?) small clues does not make for an enjoyable game, dude).

So, players and GMs, maybe we should think twice before immediately assuming that "Plays [whatever game system]" automatically equals "Good Player." 'Tain't necessarily so. :)


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Mar. 21st, 2004 10:30 am (UTC)
The game system does not define the quality of the player. I have seen way too many twinks, combat monsters, and plain bad RPers playing Mage to think of it as a sign of good RP.

Mage does lend itself more easily to deep RP than a lot of other systems -- but I think there are a number of systems which do. Changeling, Werewolf, Ars Magica, Amber, Fading Suns... just to name a few. All of them have larger themes, elements, and concepts that go beyond 'I carry a big [insert weapon of appropriate genre] and go around the [city, kingdom, country, world, multiverse] slaying [monsters, rebels, enemies].'

A good player is someone who accepts the genre conventions and makes a character within them, and strives to tell a story with the others in his group that is fitting for the world. At least, that's my 25-cent definition, off the top of my head. I've seen amazing roleplayers playing games like TFOS or D&D and horrible ones playing Mage or Ars.

Does anyone remember Everway? There's a game it's nearly impossible to twink with - created by one of the guys responsible for Ars Magica, and later, D&D 3e. Beautiful game.
Mar. 21st, 2004 01:38 pm (UTC)
*lol* now, that assumption should win the balony award... just because someone plays a system that's generally associated with "storyteller" instead of "dice rolling" doesn't mean she's a good player. Good players can work with and in almost every given system.
But since every group has its elitist snobs, it's no wondern role-players fall into that trap, too. Oh, the number of times I've heard the sentence "Ooooh, 'The dark eye' is just for beginners and hack'n'slayers!"...
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