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UBCon XV -- Loot the Bodies

As seen through the eyes of thegamemistress!

Friday, April 2

We spend some time talking with ramius_rathorne (who arrived late yesterday), catching up on old times, then go off to Denny’s for dinner before the convention. Burgers and fries for everyone, along with beef vegetable soup for lostsatyr and clam chowder for me and ramius_rathorne.

We share more interesting conversation after dinner, and then head for SUNY Buffalo and the con. There is a moment of panic as lostsatyr and I go through the GM’s Registration Line and the staff find an envelope for lostsatyr, but not one for me. Then we realize that the info for both our events has been placed in his envelope. That leaves me without a spiffy printed-out name tag, but there are enough “do-it-yourself” ones being issued that it still works.

We cruise through the Dealer’s Room on our way to set up, and I am tempted by a variety of things for sale. Time of Judgement for White Wolf’s World of Darkness, a Steel Angel Kurumi manga, and a couple of anime plushies. Resolving to take another look before the end of the con, I go off to set up.

Our first event is a Werewolf: The Apocalypse adventure, involving the characters’ pack searching for a lost teenager. They arrive in the small town where she lives, and stumble into a series of cattle mutilations. It turns out that the young lady has actually undergone her “First Change” and emerged as a werewolf. The PCs save her from the bad guys who are trying to kidnap and brainwash her (a pack of Black Spiral Dancers, for those in the know) in a big battle, and then take her off to their home base to learn what’s what about her new life and responsibilities.

After the adventure is over, the players vote on who did the best roleplaying. We are trying out a new system (suggested by eslin and her husband), in which the players vote for the two people they think did the best roleplaying (rather than just one, as we had tried at previous UB Cons). ramius_rathorne wins a UB Con 2004 T-shirt for his portrayal of a Glass Walker Philodox business executive, with the fellow playing the hermaphrodite Silent Strider mystic coming in second.

I have some more fun discussing game world theories with ramius_rathorne before bed, then we turn in, as ramius_rathorne has a morning event tomorrow.

Saturday, April 3

lostsatyr and I sleep in while ramius_rathorne attends a morning event. The two of us have a leisurely morning, then head off to the con. Upon arriving, we find all of our players assembled in the room. Turns out that we were mistaken about the time of the event, and showed up an hour late. Ooops.

Wiping the metaphorical egg off our faces, we begin our CJ Carella’s WitchCraft event. The PCs are all college students (with mystical powers of one sort or another); the adventure involves undead things wandering around the campus and its surrounding environs. After pursuing some wannabe black magicians with no power whatsoever, they discover that the true source of the trouble is an artifact on display at the university museum. With help from a couple of NPCs, the group takes out the artifact and saves the campus. Score one for the good guys!

Then it’s off to Fuddrucker’s for dinner, where I get to chow down on a buffalo burger and share fries with lostsatyr. We also get to hear about ramius_rathorne’s career as a TA at college. After dinner, we return to the campus in ramius_rathorne’s rented SUV and get set up for our Changeling: The Dreaming event.

There are some familiar faces at this event, including some people we haven’t played with in a while – like meepeek and akadriver. It’s most fun to play with them again. :)

The plot of this event involves a revolution in one of the fae counties. Some of the fae NPCs in my regular game even make cameos as revolutionaries. :) In the course of their investigation, the PCs discover that the true count has retired, and that two of his advisors have imprisoned the rightful heiress and are ruling tyrannically in His Excellency’s name. Clever group that they are, the PCs rescue the heiress and expose the crooked advisors for what they are. The heiress is properly invested, the retired count returns to his country home, and the duplicitous advisors are punished – all in a day’s work for our intrepid motley. The prize for this event goes to akadriver for her portrayal of the Unseelie nocker.

lostsatyr and I return home, to be joined a while later by ramius_rathorne. We stay up an hour or two discussing our respective events, and then it is off to bed.

Sunday, April 4

We wake up to discover that Mother Nature has a rather rude surprise for us – not only is it the start of Daylight Savings (which means we “lose” an hour), but it is snowing. Rather put out by this, we head to UB anyway, where ramius_rathorne plays in the Looney Labs demos and lostsatyr and I take a final cruise through the Dealers’ Room. Wonder of wonders – there are still dealers there! I pick up the Magic Knights Rayearth II manga gift box I’ve had my eye on all weekend, plus a “Happy Flower” from Looney Labs and a unicorn marionette from a lady who sells plushie puppets.

After that, we head over to Baldy Hall to play in eberg’s Changeling game, “Clue.” Yep, based on the board game. We have a great deal of fun, and not only because meepeek, her S.O., and uncacreamy are also playing.

We take a short pause so that lostsatyr and I can say goodbye to ramius_rathorne, who is leaving for the airport, and then the game begins in earnest. I play Miss Scarlet, the (late) Baron Black’s satyr consort, and lostsatyr plays Mrs. White, the boggan housekeeper. The PCs are trapped in the baron’s freehold until we can solve his murder. In the parlance of the board game, it turns out to be “Mrs. White, with the Knife, in the Conservatory.” Due to the fact that he was the poor individual who played the guilty party, lostsatyr gets the prize for this event – a UB Con XV candy jar to go with the T-shirts we also got in the Dealers’ Room.

After the game, I’m a little down due to missing ramius_rathorne, but seeing Killbrannan, a local Celtic band, in concert cheers me up – especially since I pick up their new CD as well. We stay until the end of the concert, then make our way home for a bite to eat and a well-deserved rest as we leave the magical land of UBCon for another year.


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