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I am -so- f---ing -stupid-!

I'm stupid.

I never should have taken on this many games. Blame my overenthusiasm. Now my head is spinning and I'm terrified I've forgotten to do something for one of them.

The first thing to be put on hiatus might be the forum games. Trying to run multiple threads at one time is an utter bitch. I keep trying to figure out who did what when, and I think I'm not doing such a hot job of it. Argh.

Maybe I'll be lucky and my players won't force me to run separate threads. I hope so. And I think I'm done splitting up the group, because trying to keep everything straight just makes my head hurt.

I'm thinking of postponing Emerald Shadows until I can get my head together.

I rather like running Scarlet and Shadow. Of course, table-top has always been my forte. So that will definitely stay.

Epiphany is fun too. Though I may hold off on replying for a bit on some of the threads. It's getting harder to think of things -- maybe a change of venue for some of the characters would be good. I know I'm not going to give up playing with the SO, 'cause that's pretty much the only chance we get to play together. That travesty that we also play in doesn't count. (Oh, did I say that out loud? Well, guess what: I don't care.)

I'm getting revenge fantasies involving some of the other PCs in the travesty, which may not be all that good. Then again, astute viewers may be able to ascertain where the deputy headmaster, the football captain, and his snippy cheerleader girlfriend came from. *snickers* Who, me? Vindictive? Naaaahhhh... (thinks longingly of her PC skewering the other PCs whose players she can't stand... Mmmmm...violent fantasy... :-)

At least Mr. "I'm-not-afraid-of-anything" Fiona sidhe may think twice about a trip into the basement in LE after the combat I ran; fear of loved ones/friends being in danger is such a wonderful motivator for Fiona characters (sorry, LS! ;-).

What the --? I'm starting to feel a little better about this. Apparently the ranting is therapeutic or something...


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