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The GM is an angry goddess ;-)

Otherwise rendered as, "Do not piss me off in a game I'm running, or you will regret it."

A few cases in point:

Gangrel of a bitchy player in my first VtM game, sent into Torpor by another PC (and then incinerated by a Hermetic NPC)

Tory of a player who insulted me and my friends' religious beliefs, killed several times over in a number of games

Garou of a terminally brain-dead and at times downright hateful player, made into a love toy for a succubus and then euthanized by one of my other players (you go, Ry! :-). The player also served as a model for a Black Spiral Dancer)

Tory of another player in my (long running) VtM game whose player would not take no for an answer and was terminally stupid to boot, turned into a cat toy for a Gargoyle (forever!) :-)

The GM of a travesty of a CtD LARP that ruined my experience at a con, used as the model for various antagonists in a number of games (and messily disposed of in a number of them...wouldn't mind doing it more often, btw...)

The player of a pooka who threatened my satyr and would not stop bothering me online, given a thorough pounding by my PCs and sent up the river for assault

Whiny player of an eshu whose melodramatic origin story involved (among other things)having her "poor, innocent baby sister" assaulted by a street gang made up of redcaps (cry me a river...), had that same sister made into a redcap who now hates the eshu's guts

Ah, catharsis....:-)


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