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Decisions, decisions

Since I've pretty much got nothing as far as one-shot games go, and the con is in April, I'm thinking about just going to UBCon as an artisan this year.

I figure that I can always wait, and try to come up with a bang-up event for Queen City Conquest II, come August.

Anyone planning to attend either (or both) care to opine?
The spammers are busy again, it seems. I've had to go and delete spam comments from a bunch of old RP character journals.


Branching out

Earlier this year, I started making jewelry. Over the past months, I've gotten pretty good at it.

On the advice of tamminnanny, I've decided to take the plunge and sign up for the Artist Alley for UBCon 24 next spring.

I'm currently putting together inventory; hopefully I'll be able to make at least a little bit of money off my new hobby.

If you happen to be attending UBCon 24, do stop by!

(For the gamers on my F-list, I'll be running at least one RPG at the con, too, so don't worry on that score. :)

Selling a costume?

This may be a long shot, but I figured it's worth a try....

I have a Homura Akemi costume that I bought online, but it turned out not to fit me. I'd like to sell it (because it's not doing me any good just sitting around), preferably where I can recoup at least some of the money I paid for it.

So, for the cosplay folks on my F-list - any ideas? I've looked at EBay, but their terms of service confused the heck out of me; any other ideas?


Happy Birthday

Belated birthday wishes to im_a_woman!

Hope you enjoyed your special day!

Happy Birthday

I'm Kinfolk!

(Large parts x-posted from ramius_rathorne's LJ; many thanks!)

White Wolf is doing a Kickstarter for a Deluxe version of the upcoming Werewolf the Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition. In just twelve hours, they hit their $85,000 goal. With 29 days to go, they're now working on their stretch goals ($1500 to the first one).

It takes a bit of cash to get a hard copy of the book, but for lower amounts, you can get a PDF and your name (or a character's name) in the book as a supporter (at this writing, $35.00 gets you the PDF and your name in the book - guess what I just did? :).

If you're a fan of W:tA, or just curious as to what they're offering, take a look.

The Werewolf the Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition - Deluxe Edition

Queen City Conquest 1 con report

I had a fantastic time! I got to see some old friends, run some games, and try out some new ones. It's terrific to have a gaming-focused con to attend again.

My games had some really great players in them this con - they worked together and were pleasant both in and out of character. Gaming with those folks was a lot of fun; lostsatyr and I stayed up talking about the fun we'd had after we got home. :)

I got to try out Faery's Tale for the first time (thanks to tamminnanny), and had a great time; his Airship Pirates game was great as always.

Having people pay ahead for admission and event tickets was a very good idea; it gives people more of an incentive to show up, and also keeps attendees from overbooking themselves.

I also really like the "con bucks" GM compensation plan (for every player a GM had, they got a token worth one dollar to spend at the vendor tables); I wonder if UBCon could do the same sort of thing?

All in all, a great con! I hope it's the first of many!

One last con (for this year)

Queen City Conquest is the 21-23.

This is their first year; hopefully it'll be the first of many, because we need another gaming con here in WNY (MiniCon and UBCon have become increasingly weighted toward anime programming in the past few years, and while I like anime as much as the next otaku, I've missed having a gaming-focused con in these parts).

I've got nearly all the pregens tucked into their envelopes, and just have to put the finishing touches on the adventure outline for one of the two games. I've also got enough tickets for the games I want to play in.

Here's hoping for a good con!
So, C and I went out to see Snow White and the Huntsman at the second-run theaters last night.

In the trailers, it looked like something I might enjoy. I was wrong.

I guess I should have remembered that you can Never Trust A Trailer.

Kristin Stewart has no frelling facial expressions, the movie tries to hard to be "epic," and there was a lot of stuff that seems to have been in there just because someone thought it was a cool idea.

On the upside, there was a good deal of costume and scenery porn, and some of the visual effects were interesting.

Glad we didn't pay full price for this - I've seen worse, but I've also seen much better. Between the two Snow White reimaginings that we saw this year, I'd have to say that Mirror Mirror is the better.


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